Episode #25 – Barista Panic

https://youtu.be/V4sbYy0WdGQIn this episode we discuss social awareness, tipping in 2017, baristas and coffee culture, non-conformists, “Batman” trying to take on Sam Harris, wine and craft beer, and the “a day without immigrants” protest.

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Episode #24 – Cringeworthy Pt. 1

In this episode we discuss cringeworthy moments in our lives. Jon tells a story that haunts him to this day and another about breaking his arm in half. Jake tells about his calamity ridden baseball experience and an early morning convenience store bathroom incident.

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Episode #23 – Cash Me Ousside

In this episode we discuss the HowBow Dah girl, the UC Berkely protest of Milo, cisgender, the value of college, and a few of our favorite comedians.

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