Episode #22 – Buggley Eyes

In this episode we discuss the Women’s March, the Tito Ortiz vs. Chael Sonnen controversy, Jake’s bulging eyes, the laxative properties of coffee, and mirroring.

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Episode #21 – Analysis Paralysis

In this episode we discuss analysis paralysis, Jon driving through a garage door, the devil that is credit cards, and the upcoming Tito Ortiz vs. Chael Sonnen fight.

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Episode #20 – Louisiana Voodoo

For our 20th episode we’re recording at the Quality Inn in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We took a no agenda road trip and got to experience some Louisiana culture. We traveled through the swamp, we explored the French Quarter, Jake bought an Alligator head, and we went looking for some legit Louisiana voodoo.

Here are a few shots from our trip:

Episode #19 – Happy New Year from the New Studio

This is the first episode recorded in our new location. In this episode we discuss Christmas lights, the new space, UFC 207, the Facebook live torture, Kim Jong Un, punchable faces, reality shows, life without cable, Scientology, and the power of Charisma.

Episode #18 – Road Toilets, Vaping, and the War of Ideas.

In this belated 1.5 hour episode we discuss road toilets, tex-mex, Jon’s cartoon idea, vaping, the art of persuasion, crying wolf, and video games. Also, we’re moving! This is the last episode recorded in our old studio!

Episode #17 – Galveston, Books, and the Mid-Life Crisis

Holy shit! We have not published anything since Thanksgiving? Well, it’s not for a lack of recording. We’ve just been super busy and have not had time to edit and all that fun stuff. Get ready for several new episodes!

In this episode we talk about Galveston, reading good books, Jon almost cries while watching a chic flick, mid-life crisis’, and the quest for life experiences.