Episode #8 – Break Down These Walls

In this episode we discuss identifying and overcoming insecurities in an effort to become better people.

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2 thoughts on “Episode #8 – Break Down These Walls

  1. Listening to your podcast I understand where you’re coming from not that I’ve had the same upbringing but mostly the opposite. My mom was that attention whore and still is & yeah it’s not good or bad it’s who she is. Idk how she became that way except maybe because her mom was a single parent that worked a lot to provide for her & my aunt and maybe she felt somewhat alone & in return has made it a point to somehow someway get attention she feels she needs. My point to this is though she was very open & loud about life in general. From a young age I knew too many things a child shouldn’t know about adult life. I was exposed to a lot I’m not saying sexually or anything but I did learn about sex very early & abortions and things like that that a child has no business knowing. I’m getting side tracked again but my whole goal as an adult was to never ever be anything like her. She wasn’t there for me much we were dropped off every weekend to my grandparents and never spent much time with her and when she was there she wasn’t really there she locked herself in her room and we stayed in ours. Any sports we were involved in 85% of the time my grandparents were there rooting us on not her. So I try to be there for as many of my kids events as I can. I’m fairly open with my kids mainly cause I don’t want them to have any false sense of someone or something but also don’t keep them sheltered nor do I verbally vomit my entire life to them. I think it’s finding that medium and that’s what I’m trying to say I suppose. I get a mans pride & not wanting to show that weakness but it’s about opening up to those who care for you. Even the act of speaking the words that your issue is can help put things in prospective making it obvious if it’s really not as bad as you thought or opposite to see that it’s something that you need to work out. It’s really finding the balance some things you can probably work through on your own others you need help with and that’s not a weakness to need help its human. Nobody can carry everything in life alone. Eventually you will break it’s inevitable mentally a person can only pent up so much. And it’s ok to reach out when things become too much but it’s easier to reach out before it comes to the point of unbearable. Putting up those walls & pulling away from people I think will leave a person entirely alone in life after awhile. Getting comfort from someone you love is one of the best feelings ever it’s incredibly healing for me it’s such a relief to know it will all be ok eventually. So to open up and get the feeling that someone gives a shit about how you feel takes away so much pressure. It’s almost like a clearing it lets you get that fresh start to decide what step to take next. I don’t feel strength is holding it all in and absorbing any pain I think strength is realizing the issue figuring out how to solve the problem and doing it and sometimes you need help to do so. I know people say don’t do or change yourself for anyone do it for yourself but I do it for my kids and myself. There’s plenty I need to work on I’m far from being where I need to be but I’m also far from where I could’ve been. We are what our children see they will mimic us as they grow. I want to be someone that if my child became as an adult I’d be proud of. Anyways just wanted to give my opinion & views of life and I really hope you can find that balance within yourself. Sorry it’s all mumbled jumbled & constant run on I just had mental spewage 😂. Take care Jake

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