Episode #5 – UFC 202 Recap and Over-Communicating

In this episode we discuss the UFC 202 results and the not so subtle art of over-communicating.

How to Win Friends and Influence People:


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Episode #4 – The Metal

In this episode we discuss Heavy Metal music and its culture. We have both been metal fans for a long time. Jake even played in a death metal band in his younger years.


The legendary Ghaal interview clip from A Headbangers Journey:

The mighty Pro-Pain’s “Put the lights out”:

Maximum the Hormone:



Episode #3 – Sleep Paralysis and a Ghostly Visitor

In this episode we discuss the oddity of sleep paralysis, one of our favorite movies, and Jon tells us about a ghostly visitor.

Wikipedia article on Sleep Paralysis:

The best horror movie of all time:

Episode #2 – Trump, Meditation, and Perception

In this episode we talk a little about Donnie T. and one of his very odd qualities, our very basic understanding of meditation, and the power of positive thinking on perception.

The 8 Minute Meditation book Jake is reading:

8 Minute Meditation Expanded: Quiet Your Mind. Change Your Life.

Here is the picture and a few of the quotes from Donald Trump as discussed on the show: